JACK+JILL is a Colorado based Indie/Alternative Band. If Dave Mathews Band and Alice in Chains had a love child- It would be J+J. Their music blends dark grungy male and rich female vocals with big chunky guitars, and semi-sweet electric violin. The performances you will see will take you on a musical, toe-tappin', head banging, magical booty shaking journey of epic proportions. We hope you enjoy the site, please visit us at these other locations and be our "fan", go "like" us, be our "friend", check out our new video on youtube... "Follow" us, we know the way! Thanx for all your love and support. See you at the shows!  

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Into the Open 12
Real Eyes Realize 3
Organicannibal 0
Rocket 0
You are my Sunshine 12
The Other's Side 9
Brightest Star in the Nightmare 12
5ifty4our 8
Overplay Me 6
In Summary: 4
Eden's Dilemma 0
Patience 0
Alzheimer's 0
Watch the World Disappear 12
Open and Closed 0
Black Sheep 2
Home Again 1
A Requiem for 9 - 5 1
Me, my selfish I 1
Ur :) 0
Insecticide 0
Whatever blows your mind... 0
Ordinary Words 1
ManUFOstatioN 0
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So in 2013 we released a little 5 song EP called COLORADiO, and we have sold almost all of those already... So with this good news comes more good news- we are going to be releasing a new version of that same album, but with more songs, and better recordings! Whoo-Hoo! Its been a complete pleasure working with Fusion Audio Solutions, and hearing the songs come back to life, being heard in a different way... We can't wait to get these tracks to you! Stay tuned, and expect release in late 2015!

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