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October 20, 2012 By Song Revelation

JACK+JILL are an Indie band from Grand Junction Colorado. At Song Revelation when we first checked out JACK+JILL’s dynamic rock sound we were really impressed and were delighted when they agreed to share their music, experiences and inspirations with everyone at Song Revelation. Read the entire interview below where JACK+JILL discuss how they initially became interested in music, what they’ve recently been working on and what music their currently listening to when not performing themselves.

Q: If you could use a tagline to describe your music and who you are what would it be?

JACK+JILL is a Colorado based Indie/Alternative Band. Their music blends dark grungy male vocals and soft female vocals with rich chunky guitars, and semi-sweet electric violin. Performing as a duo or full band, their high energy shows also feature drums, bass, & keys, along with more back up vocals.

Q: What is your musical background?

Jill has been playing classical style violin on and off since she was 4, and only in the past decade or so she began to stretch the boundaries of what her and her instrument can do. Jack has been involved with music most of his life as well, mostly church and school choirs. He has been in bands of all sorts most of his adult life. Brian is a multi instrumentalist and graduated with a music degree. Mike has received some studies in music, and has been playing the drums since he was a small child. All the members of the band are well versed in many styles of music and often perform a song completely out of its style at shows, just for the fun of it.

Q: How have the last 12 months been for you?

The last 12 have been great, finished up our second album “Brightest Star in the Nightmare” and just made a music video for one of the songs: “Overplay Me”. It’s a really sarcastic song about pop music and the video is the perfect match for its puns. We were fortunate enough to have award winning director Todd Braley film, direct, and edit it. We have also been traveling a lot the past 12 months, hitting Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Wyoming, and we will be in Idaho this November. So we are definitely making our mark on the surrounding areas.

Q: Who inspires you musically?

We draw inspiration form everywhere it seems. We are blessed with the worlds greatest radio stations in the world I think we very much enjoy the College and the Community radio stations. DJ’s are passionate about the music they play, because they are the ones making the play lists, not some corporate machine feeding us with malignant monotonal pop songs. I still really dig the 90′s and miss the genuine feel of a true artists art. There are bands out there, mostly independent bands, that have that sound too, but they are simply not hitting the airwaves. Who knows maybe that’s a good thing… Everyone enjoys finding that band before they get famous.

Q: Which modern day artists do you look up to?

Soundgarden, for getting back together and staying true to their format. I enjoy that they all write and contribute to the albums music. I think that is a rarity anymore to find that kind of collaboration- especially after such a long break. I also have always looked up to Fiona Apple and Bjork for breaking the mold, and finding ways to stay mainstream just enough to infect the general public, then quickly slip back into hiding. Almost like it’s a game for them.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate or gig with?

Could you see Soundgarden, Bjork and Fiona on a tour together?

Q: What songs are you listening to at the moment?

Beastie Boys- RIP homie.

Q: What is your creative process for creating a track?

There is no format, just time to take.

Q: What’s more important, melody or lyrics?

They are equally important. You cant have a great melody and then not be inspired to write decent lyrics, and I think we’ve all had an experience where you hear something amazing until the guy starts singing… ugh. No matter the lyrical content there is nothing that’s gunna save that song unless “singer dude” shuts up.

Q: Where are you based?

Grand Junction Colorado

Q: What’s it like being where you’re from?

It’s good actually. Everywhere is what you make of it, it’s a good place to have a family, go outdoors, be in a band… lol. Junction’s not big but there is still plenty to do here, and places to get away that are close by. I love the Mountains, and there are tons of them around here.

Q: What are you currently working on?

Our third album is in the works. We are really excited about it because the more we create the more we discover JACK+JILL’s true sound, our own little niche. Also we will be shooting another video for it to be released around the same time. Always booking shows.

Q: What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

Being able to travel with family and friends, being able to be free enough to finally say we make a living through music.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve in over the next 12 months?

3rd album done, 1 killer new video, awesome tour dates.

Q: Do you have any gigs or shows that you’d like to tell us about?

We have been asked for 3 years in a row to perform at the Palisade Brewing Company’s Halloween party 10-27-12. They let us play on the roof… and its awesome. Since we play on the roof, there’s way more room to dance, and the place gets packed. Also we have a date at the Mesa Theater and Club 12-21-12. Yes, doomsday party. We will be playing with Zolopht and the Destroyers and the Pineapple Crackers. Craziness will be abundant and most likely overflowing.

Q: What do you do to relax?

Take a nap. Mmm, glorious sleep.

Q: Where would your favourite holiday (vacation) be and why?

Over seas… where ever, we’re not picky. Maybe somewhere tropical?

Q: If you could give a little piece of advice for new or aspiring musicians what would it be?

"Don’t Stop Believing!” -Steve Perry

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to let our readers know about?

We have a brand new Official Music Video out right now! The song is called “Overplay Me” and it’s off our album Brightest Star in the Nightmare. We were pleased to work with Todd Braley, a brilliant award winning filmmaker. Please go check it out here and give us some views!

Editor’s Note: JACK+JILL are a dynamic yet diverse indie rock band that infuse boundless energy with creative musicianship to make something appealing.
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DJ Slade at KMSA 91.3fm writes
on Jan 1, 2012

Top 2011 albums:

I did this last year for 2010. I did the top fims and albums. Like last year I have to add the disclaimer that this is based off things I haven’t seen, listened to, or read before and what I picked up on in the last year. Like my buddy is doing with his list for top picks I’ll give why I dig them. To start things off would be albums of 2011.

Albums that were not released in 2011 that I thoroughly enjoyed and picked up this year include: She&Him-Volume Two, Counting Crows-Recovering the Satellites, Mumford&Sons-Sigh No More, Transatlantic-The Whirlwind, Neal Morse-Sola Scriptura

5: Soundgarden-Live On I-5. This album was great. It was live and raw recordings done from Soundgarden’s west coast tour of 1996. Soundgarden finally reunited in 2010 and has started to put out previously unreleased matrerial. Obviously this is a compilation of live recordings and of their most famous songs, but the quality is truely amazing. Also the performances are packed with extra little on the spot improvisations by band members to make it really worth the buy. Their complete new arrangement of Helter Skelter by The Beatles is slow and raw sounding and then that goes straight into Boot Camp, one of the lesser known tracks on Down on the Upside. Tracks to listen to: Helter Skelter, Black Hole Sun, Rusty Cage, Seek and Destroy

4. Chris Cornell-Songbook. This one has a real special place in my heart due to the fact that I saw Chris Cornell while he was on tour at this time. I was so excited back in February of 2011 when I heard that he was going to embark on a solo acoustic tour and stop in Atlanta, 2 hours away from where I was. I quickly dropped 50 bucks to get my ticket. Though none of the tracks were taken from the night I saw him it is a great representation of what I heard. Songs spanning Chris Cornell’s career from Soundgarden-Audioslave-Temple of the Dog-his solo career. The energy in his voice is amazing still. He can hit those high notes that he hit back in the early 90s. The power is simply amazing. Also, this album included his newest song fromt he film Machine Gun Preacher, The Keeper. This song is so simple and perfectly crafted like only Chris Cornell can do with such emotinal power. It is one of the only songs in a long while that has almost brought a tear to my eye. Tracks to listen to: The Keeper, Cleaning My Gun, Scar On The Sky, Thank You, Imagine, I Am The Highway

3. Eddie Vedder-Ukelele Songs. I received this album not long ago for Christmas. Obviously I am a huge Pearl Jam fan and of Eddie Vedder. This album puts him in a completely different context though. Minimalist. Him and a ukelele. The guy who sings songs like Jeremy, Spin The Black Circle, Blood, is stripped down to him and his ukelele, one of the most uncool instruments ever. On his appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, Letterman puts it so perfectly, “The guy who made it cool to play the ukelele.” This album all gasps aside is wonderful. You can’t help but be happy when listening to the ukelele and Vedder’s heartfelt, true love driven poetry. On the accompanying dvd Water On The Road, Vedder talks of how he thinks he can take this little instrument and make it sound depressed and evil. The film was shot in 2008. Seeing his album release in 2011, it seems that Vedder still can’t depress the instrument or his true fans or the fans of good music. This truely is a treasure in this year’s catalog. Tracks to listen to: Can’t Keep, You’re True, Satellite, Light Today

2. Jack+Jill-Brightest Star In The Nightmare. This album will probalby not make it in any professional circles of year end reviews but it is too good not to put into my list. These guys are local to my hometown in Grand Junction, CO, but that didn’t earn them the spot on the list. What got them here was good music. This might be the most diverse album I listened to in the year. These guys recorded the album at their home and turned out an amazing independent product. I was given this album the day I left to work up in the Rocky Mtns. at summer camp. I popped it in that day and gave it the preliminary run through. I noted that there were some cool vocal spots and intrumental sections. I didn’t listen to it again though until about the middle of my summer and that was when I actually started to listen to what was going on in this album. Vocally it is amazing! Lead singer and guitarist Aaron Seibert does not miss a note. He sings with such power and confidence in his voice I would liken it to Vedder’s on Ten. Along with his voice the arrangement and guitar parts in particular are boggling. He plays some very none traditional chord progressions that you wouldn’t think go in a standard pop song but he makes it work. Aaron Seibert is joined by his wife Jessica on violin. There were sounds when I first listened I wasn’t sure what they were untill I realized that she was feeding her violin through wah pedal and getting this gorgeous under the sea type sound. This album features top notch musicianship, memorable melodies, and truely a whole new kind of listening experience. Different styles from reggae, eastern influence, progressive, classical, pop, it really has something for everyone. Tracks to listen to: Overplay Me, In Summary, Watch The World Disappear, Alzheimer’s.

1. Dream Theater-A Dramatic Turn of Events. I’ve been a Dream Theater fan for several years now. I have many of their albums and have really loved the band. Petrucci is an amazing virtuoso guitarists, Jordan Rudess plays the heck out of anything electronic, John Myung has long black hair, Labrie has some great moments. But I really loved Mike Portnoy from DT. This guy’s drumming has amazed me times and times over from odd time signatures to just how much endurance and memory power he has. I was devastated when I heard that he was leaving Dream Theater in Septembe of 2010. I remeber that that was all I could think about the entire day. He’s left DT, What’s going to happen now? He, along with John Petrucci, have produced all the albums since Metropolis Pt 2:Scenes From a Memory. He has handled almost the promo for the band, he made all the setlists( he archived every setlist since the band formed in 1985, by city so that if they would return to a city he could make a different setlist than the last time they were there), he has written a majority of the song lyrics, and much more. On top of that you can’t help but like him and his New York accent.Heck, I made my top 10 list after seeing him do the same thing. After he announced he was leaving though, I like many other fans said screw you Dream Theater! Your nothing without Mike Portnoy! Luckily the guys in Dream Theater gave me time to cool off and start thinking about their next album and maybe even think of giving it a chance. During this last summer they released their first single On The Backs of Angels. I listened to it with as open a mind as I could, but wasn’t sure what to think of it. I finally decided to wait until the actual album came out and see what else they had in store. All the while waiting I of course listened to many interviews with Mike Portnoy about leaving the band. One of the things he has said in many of those interviews is that he knew that something within the machine of Dream Theater had to change. He wanted the band to go on an extended vacation and recharge due the staleness of touring and that music seemed less inspired. I could agree with him on that. Though I love the last album DT had done, Black Colouds and Silver Linings, it was a stale album compared all their previous works. Portnoy wanted a break. The rest of the guys didn’t. Portnoy left. In these interviews Portnoy often says something in the Dream Theater machine had to change and that unfortunately it had to be him. After several months of anticipated waiting we the fans found his replacemnt was Mike Mangini, who I must say is a excellent drummer on par with Portnoy. But thats not to say I won’t be a Mike Portnoy fan and cross my fingers that he comes back to DT. All this sadnes and loss aside, A Dramatic Turn of Events is the recharge that Dream Theater needed. Though I didn’t take to On The Backs of Angels right away, the rest of the album is a different story. It is heavy, it is progessive, it is melodic, it has moments that are actually personal. The remaining members have finally come together the way they used to on this album. There are contributions from everyone in the music and on lyric writing. It is fresh. Though I miss Mike Portnoy and his leaving Dream Theater was a shock and sadness, this album is a true achievement. I hope Portnoy will one day play again with Petrucci, Rudess, Myung, and Labrie, but this is what Dream Theater needed to kick the staleness and make one of this years best albums. Tracks to listen to: Bridges in The Sky, Far From Heaven, Beneath The Surface, Lost Not Forgotten

Albums that I will listen to but have’t yet from this year: Neal Morse-Testimony 2, Steve Wilson-Grace For Drowning, Coldplay-Mylo Xyloto, The Black Keys-El Camino

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