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Not many fiery and eclectic indie alternative rock duos whose mission is to “rock your face off” and inspire “head banging and magical booty shaking” boast Carnegie Hall on their collective resume-- but then again, few have as colorful an origin story as Aaron Seibert (guitars and vocals) and Jessica Seibert (violins and vocals), the eight year married couple at the core of JACK+JILL. Blending dark, grungy male and rich female vocals with chunky guitars and semi-sweet electric violin, the band some describe as “the love child of Dave Matthews and Alice in Chains” is currently releasing their fourth and most explosive project to date, the 12 track album COLORADiO.
The two first met as teenagers in Grand Junction, then reunited in their 20's,  seven years later when Jessica moved back to Colorado. While Aaron played in a series of grunge/metal and progressive rock bands, he was also an opera student at CMU where Jessica studied concert violin. The two also sang in the school’s chamber choir together, which was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. This was the beginning of the realization that they needed to start performing together. A short time later, when a local venue's NYE party had a band cancel, Aaron and Jessica filled in as JACK+JILL – and soon after began gigging heavily as a duo - and soon after, the full band.
Quickly setting themselves apart from other independant bands, JACK+JILL cultivated a unique sound with electric violin with overdrive and wah pedals, tight two and three part harmonies and a cross generational appeal. The duo’s collective eclectic background played a huge part in their musical evolution, as their evolving sound incorporated everything from jazz and blues to classical, folk and rock.

Although in the early years there was a good game of musical chairs going on with, the musicians performing now are by far the best fit yet for J+J. Drummer and Percussionist Jake Cram has been a top knotch performer since he was 15, performing hundred of shows in his lifetime all over the western states, he has now become a staple in J+J. His versatility and attention to detail has brought a huge fun loving fretless feel to the band. Bassist Taylor Riley has been pinnacle for J+J, not only as the monster bassist he is, but also in the recording process. Taylor is the owner of Fusion Audio Solutions, and has been working with and recording dozens of bands and musicians from all over Colorado, over the past few years. His work in the studio has tightened up the screws, and you can really notice it in the latest album "COLORADiO LP".  

 J+J have released 4 previous discs (2009’s Into The Open, 2011’s Brightest Star in the Nightmare, and 2013's COLORADiO EP,  and 2015's COLORADiO LP) and played several hundred shows at clubs and/or festivals across the western US. Festivals like Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Rock Jam, Powellapalooza, Desert Rocks, Colorado Pork n Hops Challenge, Southwest Arborday Festival,  and many more; Performing everywhere from Montana and Utah to Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas and California. In addition to directly opening for top bands like Pop Evil, Everclear, and Eve6 (to name a few), they have scored slots on big festival bills featuring Everlast, Royal Bliss, Yonder Mountain String Band, Slightly Stoopid, Hot Buttered Rum, Godsmack, Loverboy, Fuel, Chris Cagle, Zelazowa, Saliva, Del the Funky Homosapien, Great White, Days of the New, Sebastian Bach, Pretty Lights, Twisted Sister, Default, Rodger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Skillet and many others.
One of the key tracks on Coloradio is “KMSA (KAFM),” an ode to independent local radio stations run by guys who, according to Aaron, “play pretty much whatever they want to.” In line with the versatile vibe of the stations' playlists, the track begins as an acoustic harmony tune before evolving into a high energy jamming rocker. Aaron’s lyrics are about learning to love the little things in life, taking pain in stride and finding a positive tone amidst some negative aspects of life as it evolves. Jessica’s powerful vocals take the lead on the blistering rocker “Me myselfish I,” which shows life progressing from schoolyard, junkyard and graveyard, chronicling the way people mellow with age and somehow become less self centered over time. The high spirited, fun loving “Requiem for 9-5” pays homage to the good life in Colorado as the couple shakes off their day jobs to commit to music full time. “We sang a lot of requiems in college,” Aaron says, “and this is one about the blissful death of our day jobs!”
“Our discography really shows a great shift as we have become more mature and focused as a band,” says Aaron. “Our first disc Into the Open was almost a thrown together project, a roughly recorded set we came up with to appease fans who continually asked us at our shows if we had recorded anything. I was just starting to figure out how to use our recording equipment then. Our second album Brightest Star in the Nightmare, along with some fresh new songs, we used some older material I had converted from previous projects, which had all broken up for good. COLORADiO on the other hand, really captures the way we sound now. A truer, more genuine J+J sound.

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