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  1. Overplay Me
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I was wondering what to do.
How do I get through to you?
Still im chasing,
We're still in the making,
I was wondering what do I do?

If it's cookie cutter, it's Grade A!
I'll sell you what they want me to say.
...I sold out today, to get the pay.
Well corporate daddy, you're A-OK!

How do I make you sing my songs?
I wanna write sing-a-longs.
Wanna make you say
All dang-o day.
I can write you jingles all day long!

The smell of similarity on a breeze through the trees,
Beats on my eardrum but does nothing for me.
They force your lips to sip their evil jingle juice.
They choose the songs to use, then they choose to abuse...
They say, overplay me on the radio.
Well somebody please overplay me!