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I look at the news, the stars, the sun and the moon. I look at the way the world views the hand me down blues. You'd think we'd wanna lose every time.

I can feel the emptiness, the bitterness, how the lack of love is not addressed. I can see what the future brings- tomorrow only holds misery.

And all our rising seeds, rise among the weeds. Ring in hate and greed, assimilate the fleet.

Hold me as we watch the world disappear.
Hold me, as I hold you dear.

And as the light dies in our children's eyes, tears well up and take root inside. Just drones to the filth that fills the air... And unknowingly them with despair. But no one cares.
And where's my vote on what we chose to give to the kids, with their whole lives to live? People talking about sex and violence, just get this behind us- and preach about love and its blindness. Get on the soapbox and someone remind us to be proud of what we're given. I don't wanna be the calloused heart of history, that's not a life worth living.