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  1. Patience
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i have this burning, burning deep inside;
My soul is parched without you child.
I try to still it but it will not hide.
THe pain comes out in the tears i cry.

The more i think, i think i'll lose my mind;
because you're in it most all the time.
and THe more i think, i think the more i know.
just give it time and love will grow.

understand that we'll be there again
same old friends
dispite our age and space.
And all this time is drawing nye;
soon the night will hold us tight.

so calm down and come down.
i'm so proud of us now.
so sleep tight for tonight,
this night breeds strange light.

so i close the door on my darkness,
letting her light seep in.
and i ask my god for patience,
for i know im not giving in.