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  1. Eden's Dilemma
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Mother, I've got a friend
She craves it again.
I need to show her how
to leave her twisted cloud.

She's got a disease.
Got a filthy need.
Goes, goes, goes all the time
Stuck in her same old bind

Spun in a web of deception.
Caught up in her frustration
Crystal is her pet Hell.
But I know its all in her head.

Eden, a name for peace
not for grief.
Who shows their love,
when your stung out.
Eden, I know its hard
but you're not that far.
Dream up a place,
an escape- not a grave

Come down Eden I've been pleading
for years from my lungs I've been screaming
All this time, and all this passing,
for years the time has been elapsing.
So far away now from each other
Still I can see the battles over.
Free from chains now I can see
how you had to come down now!