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  1. The Other's Side
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Prying, yet again.
There has got to be something to get under your skin.
I am only anticipating all the while
Reckless yet aware.
There has got to be something to get me in like Flynn.
But you are only fascinated with all the bile.

Brahms wrote and played for whores.
Big B hacked his legs and formed the score within the floor.
Break away and let your mind escape.
State of collective mind.
I must find a way to please you all and none at once.
Something's got to break it may be me.

Be true, true to you.
Break through to the other's side.
Be you, you are you.
See through to the other's side.

Will history make us change?
Will we ever tire of repeating mistakes?
The world sits and waits as the others hesitate.
And once again we know the plan, we've played this part, we've played the game, my friend...
We meet again.