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Sometimes its hard for me to live up in this family tree-
It seems to me stability is failing me, 'cuz I fell far from that tree.
Landed on the ground, bruised and battered all around, chased by destiny.
Well I rolled here and there, dang near almost everywhere, I'd have to say "I be done seen about everything".
But I haven't seen a single thing that means a freaking thing to me- like family or good ole' southern hospitality.

For all of those I've left behind, at some point and some place in time, you'll still reside in the back of my mind and soon I'm sure I'll find you by my side.
As for all the ones we loved so much, they'll shrivel up and become dust, that we'll all just sneeze away.
And what about those little things that thought they'd never be seen, turn out to be the biggest things of all.
Will all the wounds ever heal?
Will all I'm feeling ever fill this giant pill of emptiness that I have to swallow?

...So now I've come this far with calloused hand I've got these scars, and stretchmarks from reaching for the stars...
I've had my share of ups and downs, I've lived the shady side of town, and been preyed upon by the ones who hold you down.
But in all of this- and all I've missed, I must admit that ignorance is truly bliss yet I feel fortunate:
To say hello, wave goodbye to passing people, passing time.
It's the simple things that make you smile- that make the time worth while.
Until we march all single file holding hands mile by mile...
With the rain we'll shed the pain, we'll rise above and rise again!
To feel the sunshine setting in your skin, to know that everything will be alright, if not forever then just for tonight.

But as we turn to face the setting sun, I'll recall all the times we should've run.
From it all, from love- from everyone.
From our past- things we left behind in the sands,
in the sands of time.