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  1. Requiem for 9-5
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Here's to the good life!
Soakin' up the Colorado sun.
Feel damn good and I know I'm not the only one,
who's feeling just right on a beautiful day.
And as it melts into night I get carried away
'cuz everybody's got somebody, and I love the way you love my body- Baby!
And no matter what goes wrong, we'll still be going strong
livin' and lovin' and learning all our favorite little songs.

Here's to the good life!
Sucking down a Colorado peach,
I'm feeling pretty good where I'm plantin' my feet
'cuz it's about growing up, its about branching out-
About living for the ones you love without a doubt!
Something came ahold of me, when you became a part of me.
It happened so suddenly, now it's me plus a party of three
and it's good! It's right-
wouldn't have it any other way, in any other life!

Don't you want to let it out?
Don't you want to scream and shout?

I have never been so high.
You give me the strength to end my life.
It's a requiem for 9 - 5.
You give me the strength to start a life!

Here's to the good life!